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  • TIPS On Electrical Outlets

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Tips on Electrical Outlets

Tips on Electrical Outlets...  Adding a new outlet to a room may require a new circuit. Local and state codes restrict the number of outlets on any normal circuit. Count the number of outlets in your room, then cut the circuit breaker to that room and check for available power with a portable light. Check other rooms to see if this circuit also supports outlets outside the immediate area of concern. Call us with the results and we’ll help you determine if you can install a new outlet or need to install a new circuit to support the outlet.

Refrigerator/Freezers on Ground Fault Outlets 

Do you have a freezer or refrigerator in your garage?  Check to see if the outlet you are using is ground fault protected (GFI). A GFI can trip during power fluctuations, leaving you with spoiled food if you don’t happen to notice that the breaker has been tripped.

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