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Whole House Generators

Dynamo Electric has Generac generators in stock...  Permanently installed, these whole house generators start automatically, self-test themselves, and unlike portable generators, you don't have to go outside, run extension cords, or refuel them with messy gasolinethey run off your natural gas   propane (LP) supply!  Call Paul Brinkley owner of Dynamo Electric (Learn More At Google My Business) to setup an appointment for a free evaluation of what a state of the art Generac Generator can do for your home.  Dynamo Electric serves Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News, Poquoson, Toano, James City County, New Kent County.

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Make switching from now power to a whole house generator by Generac a dream.  Dynamo Electric Williamsburg


Dynamo Electric will upgrade the outside power panel and the inside control panel.  No more extension cords and going outside to start the portable generator.  Switching to the Generac unit takes seconds.

Inside The Panel

When a power lose is detected the generator automatically starts and goes to work. your power is restored within seconds.

Generac Generators - maintained and installed by Dynamo Electric of Williamsburg VA

Dynamo Electric - Generac generator sales, service, and maintenance - Williamsburg VA

Inside A Generac Generator

Generac Whole House Generators are engineered to switch from a drop in voltage to secure, and uninterrupted power for your home or business.

Business Applications

Dynamo Electric also offers generators for business applications.  If it is critical to have your business operate 24/7 then a Generac generator is the key for your business.

Dynamo Electric offers commercial generators for small to large businesses.

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